THANKS YOU FOR VISITING REFUND POLICY follow a standard refund policy that is practiced by the leading online pharmacy stores to provide the customers with a simple, quick and convenient process to receive and return shipment or the refund on the shipped orders that may be-

  • Not be up to the standards expected in terms of quality
  • Not might contain the right shipment order
  • Have been arrived broken, damaged, or missing

Refund Policy

Whenever placing an order the customers are required to provide the firm with the accurate information whether it is the name, last name, date of birth, shipment address, email address, or the banking details. Sometimes, such mistakes or omissions in the spellings might lead to some big errors which might cause the wrong shipment of the product. In this case, we are not accountable for any of shipments if they go missing as a result of wrong information on your side. So, it is advisable not to provide wrong information at the time of making the purchase.

Return Policy

In case the customers wish to return the shipment instead of the refund. For this purpose, maintain high standards for the return shipments, however failing to comply from your side may result in the disqualification of the return shipmentIn case the order is not up to the quality or goes missing, then the customers will be provided with the full return and replacement of the order. The customers just need to contact the support team. However, if the customers have used the product before the return, then they are not entitled for the return shipment process. The return shipment process is processed only if there is an evidence of damage, low quality or product or its parts missing. For all these cases the customers must contact the customer support team.